Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the cost for participating in SWEEP Over SA?
Answer: There is no cost to participate in SWEEP Over SA. 

2. My church or organization cannot participate, can I still participate as an individual?
Answer: Yes. Individuals and families are strongly encouraged to participate.

3. How can I get regular updates regarding SWEEP?
Answer: There are many ways to stay current with SWEEP. Visit SweepOverSA.org regularly. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter or text “Follow sweepoversa” to 40404.

4. What are some ways individuals or groups can get involved with SWEEP?
  •    Walk neighborhoods and pray for each household
  •    Receive prayer concerns and offer prayer on behalf of those you encounter
  •    Distribute Bibles
  •    Remove graffiti and pick up trash in your local area
  •    Visit area parks and share your faith
  •    Mow lawns of senior citizens
  •    Rebuild or refurbish playgrounds
  •    Make arrangements to visit prison and juvenile detention facilities
  •    Distribute free bags of groceries to under-served residents in area neighborhoods
  •    Participate in Disaster Relief efforts
  •    Visit your City Council person and local police sub station to ascertain needs of the community.

5. If my group or I get involved with SWEEP, do I have to commit to every SWEEP initiative? 
Answer: No.  SWEEP participation is based on the commitment that each individual or group is able to make.  Choose the initiative that best benefits your  community.  

6. Will you provide any assistance in training team members in evangelism?
Answer: We do not supply training material, but there are organizations that have provided materials online. Go to YouTube and search for Community Chaplains training for examples of relevant  training modules. 

7. I am interested leading a SWEEP initiative, how do I get involved?
Answer: Contact Sharon Thomas at sthomas@breckenridgethomaslaw.com.

8. How do I sign up to participate?
Answer:  Register here
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